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Granite Countertops: FAQ

Granite Countertops Noblesville IN: Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about granite countertops:
Q: Can granite chip or break?
A: Granite is very hard and can only chip or crack from severe abuse. If a granite countertop should get chipped, the chip can be filled with granite dust and epoxy mixture. The filler sets up well and it is a durable material that should hold up well during normal use.
Q: Is it really OK to put hot pots and pans directly on a granite countertop surface?
A: Granite is among the most heat resistant of natural stone countertops; you cannot burn granite countertops with ordinary use. In most cases, a hot pan will not cause damage, but even with the most durable of materials, abuse is not recommended.
Q: Can I cut right on the granite countertop surface?
A: Granite is one of the hardest stones available; it is scratch resistant and normally, cannot be scratched with a regular kitchen knife, but, again; abuse is not recommended. I would use a cutting board for cleanliness and to protect the surface from scratches and stains.
Q: How do I clean and maintain my granite countertops?
A: Regular dusting is recommended to prevent an abrasive buildup. Natural stone countertops can be washed with warm water and mild soap, or cleaners that are specifically designed for use on granite or marble. Most home-improvement stores have a good variety of cleaners for specific surfaces. Household multi-purpose cleaners are not recommended as they may contain harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia; some leave streaks, or a filmy build-up. Surface Encounters applies a sealer at the time of fabrication and each year after installation to maintain deep penetrating protection against stains and oils.
Q: Are there seams in granite countertops?
A: Seams are avoided when possible. On the occasion where a seam is necessary, the visibility depends on the color and pattern in the granite. Surface Encounters will take care to place seams in the least visible place.
Q: Should I get a new sink?
A: We recommend an under-mount sink with your new countertop for looks and cleanliness. With an under-mount, food and debris can be wiped from the countertop, into the sink, without crud building up in the edge.
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